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Five tools from Crate&Barrel to help with your design projects

So you read Elle Décor, right? You flip through the pages, thinking how much you love this end table or that tufted headboard. You find inspiration and you take notes on the paint colors you love and the dining table that would look perfect in your new home. So, why after all that studying do some of your interior design schemes come out so drastically different from how they looked in your head? Why do they come out awkward or just plain wrong?

Well, for one, what you see in the magazines is the result of hundreds and thousands of hours of interior design experience. And two, if you’ve ever watched an interior designer in their creative process, you’ll remember that they rely on much more than magazine cutouts to pull a room together.  

What you see in the magazines is the result of hundreds and thousands of hours of interior design experience.

An interior designer measures, sketches, researches, collects samples, plays with ideas, and then plots, plans, edits, and revises the plan. In other words, there’s a whole lot that happens before the purchase of paint and furniture.

If you’re ready to tackle that yourself, you’ll need a few tools.  We found these five helpful items at Crate and Barrel to help you get started.

   Folding Measuring Tape

Use this to measure the wall space for your art and the floor space for that new sofa you plan to buy. Then fold it up, throw it in your purse along with a little notebook so you can measure items while you’re out shopping. This will eliminate the frustration and embarrassment of accidentally buying a couch that won’t fit in your living room.

   Stainless Steel Scissors

You might think one pair of scissors is the same as the next until you find yourself cutting a bunch of fabric samples for your idea boards.  Trust us, that is the point at which you’ll want to be the girl who bought “the good pair.”

  Ashwood Bins

And then of course, you’ll need some place to stash all your project tools and samples. Why not in these stylish bins that can also later serve any other storage purposes you may have?

   Yellow Wire Bin

As you well know, design magazines are great for inspiration. This handy bin will help keep them accessible but up off the floor. If you’re not one to keep design magazines around when the project is over, repurpose it later in the bathroom to hold extra toilet tissue, towels, or cosmetics. Or use it to keep track of decoupage supplies in your craft room. This cheery yellow bin will come in handy for any number of tasks and duties.

   Mighties Magnet Set

Cute, and they pack a punch, too. These mighty little puppies will hold inspiration photos, magazine cutouts, and fabric swatches up on your magnetic idea board. They’re strong and super tiny, so they won’t bulk up the board.


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