Seller Slip-ups

Five reasons why no one is coming to see your home

You’ve had a “For Sale” sign hanging in your front yard for what seems like a lifetime. Your real estate agent has blasted your property all over her social media profiles, website, and blog. She’s even hosted a handful of open houses to get hopeful homeowners to step through your front door. Nothing. Not even a nibble.

What gives?

It’s easy to get frustrated when your home sale seems to be going at a snail’s pace. You know your house is the best on the block – why can’t others see it, too? If your house has been sitting on the market for longer than a couple of months and no one is coming to see it, there’s a good chance you’re doing something wrong.

Not sure what the problem might be? Take a look at the following (common) selling mistakes. If you can identify where you might be slipping up, and then work to rectify the situation, you could be handing over your keys to the new owners in no time.

It’s priced too high

This may come as a surprise, but you as the seller are not the one who determines the right price for your property. Your home is only worth what buyers are willing to pay for it. If your asking price is much higher than comparable homes in your neighborhood, you’ll have a hard time getting anyone to look at it. Have your REALTOR® prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) to be sure your house is priced fairly.

Your curb appeal needs help

Stand on the sidewalk and take a look at the front of your home. What’s the first thing a buyer is going to see? If it’s unkempt landscaping, a patchy lawn, or peeling paint, potential buyers might add it to their “Thanks but no thanks” list without even getting out of the car.. Give your exterior some TLC.

It’s invisible to buyers

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 92 percent of buyers use the Internet during their home search. If your agent hasn’t listed your home in the places where buyers are browsing, they could be passing you by. At the very minimum, make sure your home is listed on all of the major real estate websites:,,, and the MLS.

Your photos need some work

Buyers will want to get an idea of what your house looks like before they make an appointment to see it in person. If you don’t have any photos of your home, or if your photos are low quality, what will entice a buyer to attend your open house? Ask a talented friend for help or spend the cash to hire a top-notch photographer. It doesn’t hurt to ask if your agent will agree to cover the costs.

It’s outdated

Homebuyers pay more attention to the kitchen and bathrooms than they do to any other rooms of a house. Unsurprisingly, homes with kitchens and bathrooms that haven’t been updated sit on the market longer and often sell for less. If this sounds like it might be your problem, look for small improvements that will make your house move-in ready and provide the best return for your money.

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