The Turner House

An archetype for good imagery

If you know anything about us, you know we love to peruse the images of homes listed for sale on the web. Yes, at times, we become obsessed with the details: a ray of light piercing an atmospheric entryway; the web of grey veins in white marble countertops. And then suddenly, our daydreams are interrupted by a listing that features dark photos, cluttered rooms, and cramped angles.  Why? we plead.  Doesn’t everyone know these unappealing images can turn potential buyers away?

Apparently not.

Real estate is supposed to be your biggest asset, right?  Well, we think it should be presented as such.

To spark interest, an image must evoke emotion. You want the buyer to relate with your home on an emotional level, regardless of property value or style. Who would want to connect with a cluttered room in dark photo?

See for yourself.  Do an online search of your own. We’d bet that the photos you’re most inspired by include:

 Natural light

 Cleanliness and order

 Flattering angles


Or just look at look at the above photo of Turner House, a modern home in Melbourne, Australia. Notice how photographer Jeremy Wright captured Freadman White’s design from an elegant angle at the optimal time of day, using natural lighting to his advantage. Close-ups of the lighting place you right in the dining space, and the minimal interior look brings more attention to the unique details of the home.

So, when your agent suggests that you hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home, don’t just blow it off as a frivolous idea. You want to stop potential buyers in their tracks, right?  Well, great images make all the difference.

Trust us. As online home-browsing fanatics, we consider ourselves experts in the matter.

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Joda Mize
Joda Mize is the founder of Girl's Guide to Real Estate. Her expertise in the housing industry evolved in the fast-paced world of Southern California real estate over the past decade. She has an unyielding belief that women are the strongest influencers in the housing market, and are deserving of a familiar voice that can deliver straight facts.
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