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The benefits of buying a home with natural light

If you’re in the market to buy a new house, you probably check for new listings just about as often as you check your email. As a result, you’ve likely seen the same descriptive real estate buzz words used a thousand times. “Exquisite,” “picturesque,” “state-of-the-art,” and “cozy” are just a handful of the terms agents love to use in order to catch a buyer’s attention.

Gimmicky? Maybe. But we have to admit, we get kind of dreamy when we come across the word “sun-drenched.”  Who doesn’t love a house filled with sunlight? Well, guess what. Natural light adds more than just aesthetics and and resale value to our homes. It also provides major health and environmental benefits. Take a look at these five:

Increased focus and productivity. Sitting under fluorescent lighting is not only tiring – it’s massively inefficient. Natural light reduces feelings of fatigue during the day and makes you more focused and productive.

Mood stabilizer. Feeling drained and unmotivated during the winter isn’t a figment of your imagination – studies have shown limited exposure to sunlight is linked to depression. Living in a home lit with natural light can help stabilize your mood year round.

Better sleep. When you spend your entire day exposed to fluorescent lighting, it can be an uphill battle trying to fall asleep at night. Spending your days in natural light, on the other hand, helps your body develop a good circadian rhythm.

Prevent bacteria and mold. Throw open those curtains! The heat from the sun freshens up clothing and sheets, and might be enough to prevent mildew and mold from developing in your home.

Save on energy bills. On average, 47% of the energy used in a home is for lighting and temperature control. Natural light helps you save money by using less electricity for artificial lighting. It can also help warm the rooms in your home without turning on the heat.

Yeah, we know. As if you needed another five reasons to go see the listing with the “exquisite, sun-drenched kitchen.”

Photo: Oliver Rossi/Corbis

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Kate Kasbee
Kate Kasbee is a blogger and freelance copywriter living in Los Angeles. She has a background in real estate marketing and has also written about a variety of subjects including pet care, how to adopt a vegan diet, and technology. Prior to living in sunny California, Kate spent eight years in Chicago where she lived in nine different apartments in five different neighborhoods. Though she’s not quite done exploring, Kate dreams of planting her roots and owning a home with creaky floors and plenty of land for starting an organic farm.
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