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5 Los Angeles neighborhoods with safe and affordable rentals

Finding a place to live in Los Angeles is basically a full-time job. You have to eat, sleep and breathe apartment listings, not to mention be ready to view a place and sign a lease at a moment’s notice. And you’re lucky if you know your new address a week before you roll up with your moving truck. In other words, the rental market in Los Angeles is bananas.

Though it may seem impossible to find a rental in Los Angeles that fits your personality and your budget, and gives you a sense of security, it’s not; you just have to know where to look. Luckily, we did all the heavy lifting for you and came up with a list of five neighborhoods that have a cool, community vibe and that won’t drain your bank account. Score! Now you’ll have extra cash to spend on all the amazing shopping, restaurants, and nightlife just steps from your front door.

Here’s our list of safe Los Angeles neighborhoods with affordable rentals, based on data provided by Zillow and Crime L.A., the Los Angeles Times crime mapping project.

 Elysian Valley

Median rental price: $2,175

Violent Crime Per Capita (10,000): 9.0

This neighborhood, commonly known as “Frogtown,” is nestled next to the Los Angeles river northeast of downtown and is home to a growing number of artists.

 Glassell Park

Median rental price: $2,388

Violent Crime Per Capita (10,000): 10.5

This hilly neighborhood is distinguished by an abundance of historic homes available at relatively low prices. It’s located in northeast Los Angeles near Eagle Rock.

 El Sereno

Median rental price: $1,969

Violent Crime Per Capita (10,000): 12.1

Beautiful and hilly, this area is a perfect alternative to pricey South Pasadena. It’s located on the east side of Los Angeles and is the most affordable neighborhood on our list.

 North Hollywood

Median rental price: $2,375

Violent Crime Per Capita (10,000): 20.5

Creative types flock here for the neighborhood’s artistic culture. Located in the San Fernando Valley, NoHo has a decidedly urban feel with great shopping and even better nightlife.

 Highland Park

Median rental price: $2,262

Violent Crime Per Capita (10,000): 20.5

On its way to becoming the hippest area in Los Angeles, this ‘hood boasts a combination of historic homes, cozy cafes, and vintage shops that give it the vibe of an ideal SoCal retreat.

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