No Postcode Envy

Updates that will make you fall in love with your home all over again

If you’re anything like us, you crank up the volume when Lorde’s hit single “Royals” comes on the radio. We don’t care how overplayed it is, that song is darn catchy. And, believe it or not, the first verse teaches us a valuable lesson about real estate.

And I’m not proud of my address,
In a torn-up town, no postcode envy

Okay, so maybe you don’t exactly live in a “torn-up town.” But if you’re not 100 percent thrilled with your current home and location, you may have your sights set on greener pastures. While there’s nothing wrong with setting a goal of upgrading to a bigger house and a more desirable zip code, you can still be satisfied with where you are right now and live happily ever after without diamonds on your timepiece.

You can still be satisfied with where you are right now.

Whether you’re saving up for an estate in Beverly Hills or a condo in Manhattan, here are some updates you can make to your existing abode that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Remodel your bathroom. Turn your master bathroom into an oasis. Invest in heated flooring and install that claw foot bathtub you’ve always wanted. An average recoup rate of 93 percent means you’re likely to get most of your money back when you decide to sell.

Exterior improvements. Make your existing house a place you’re excited to come home to by making some improvements you can see from the curb. Add a splash of color to the front door, refresh your trim, and add a pergola with columns to your front porch.

Convert your attic. If you’re craving a space of your own to work, practice yoga, or express your creative side, consider converting your attic into a usable room. The average attic bedroom in a two- or three-bedroom house costs $39,188 and returns $36,649 at resale.

Build a deck, patio, or porch. Who doesn’t love entertaining outdoors? If your home lacks a place to dine al fresco, build a pressure-treated wood deck or a brick patio with a built-in fire pit. In the West, the recoup rate reaches nearly 100 percent.

Revamp your master suite. Your bedroom will quickly become your favorite room in the house when you swap your old light fixture for a romantic chandelier. For a super dramatic change, pull up your carpeting and refinish the wood flooring beneath.

However you decide to transform your existing house into a place where you can happily live for the next few years, consider how much of your investment you’ll be able to recoup at the closing table. The smarter your renovation, the closer you’ll be to attaining your dream home in 90210 – tiger on a gold leash not included.

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