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Benefits of a live/work loft space

When your home is also your office, any and all surfaces can be used for getting the day’s work done: standing at the kitchen counter, reclining on the sofa, and even snuggling up in bed are all fair game. But what happens when your business really starts to grow and you realize that meeting with important clients in your breakfast nook just isn’t going to cut it?

It’s time to consider moving into a live/work loft space.

The live/work loft is pretty much every creative type’s dream home. Remember the Humphrey loft in Gossip Girl? Exposed brick, tall ceilings, huge windows, and an ideal location in Brooklyn. Yeah. We could live like that.

Even if you’re not the offspring of a washed up musician living an impossibly hip life in Williamsburg, you can still find a live/work loft space in your city that meets your needs and provides the professional atmosphere you need to get down to business.

Here are five benefits of a live/work loft space.

1)   Affordable office space. Why send two rent checks when you can send one? Combining your living area with your office eliminates the need to rent a separate space to get your work done.  Not to mention, you’ll also save money on gas, tolls, parking, and other travel expenses you would incur traveling to an office.

2)   Additional income. If your space (and lease) permits, you can rent out a section of your live/work loft space to another entrepreneur. Not only will having another person on site make you accountable for your work, you’ll also generate some extra income to help pay your rent or mortgage.

3)   A community of creatives. More often than not, live/work loft spaces are home to musicians, artists, writers, photographers, and other creative types. When you join a community of like-minded people, their creative energy and talent will inspire and motivate you.

4)   Tax benefits. When you’re self-employed, you look for tax deductions wherever you can. Having a designated workspace enables you to write off a portion of your rent when it comes time to send a check to the IRS. Ask your financial advisor about the particulars.

5)   Increased productivity. It can be easy to get distracted by household chores and personal matters when you work at home. By having an area dedicated solely to your business, you’re able to more easily “get in the zone” and resist the temptation to do your laundry. That is, until you take your lunch break.

Photography | Nicole McQuade

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