The Top 5 Posts for 2014

It’s been a whirlwind of a year at Girls Guide to Real Estate. It’s hard to believe that our March launch was only nine months ago, especially considering the distance we’ve come.  Remember how we started with 12 pieces? Well, today, we have over 128 posts!

So, while we’ve got serious plans for the future (stay tuned for some big things – we mean BIG – in 2015!), we also think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishment of a successful first year.

Our editorial team is serious about finding and relaying information that you, our brilliant readers, can use to help inform your real estate decisions, whether as renters, owners, buyers, or investors.  As we look back over the year’s content, and more specifically, the content that has drawn the most readers, two things become clear:

1)   We have covered a lot of ground!

2)   You people are interested in everything related to real estate, not just one or two hot topics!

Both are major plusses in our book.

While we do see some new posts trend more than others for a few days, due (we think) to popular key words and phrases (walkability, urbanism, rooftop gardens), we’ve noticed that most of the pieces readers come to over and over again for the long term have less to do with trending topics than they to do with the practical aspects of making a real estate purchase.

Sure, we love to be in on trending up-to-the-minute conversations and swapping information about what’s hot, but above all else, we want to provide our readers with the relevant, useful information they need.  And you know what our top five posts for 2014 tell us?

We’re doing exactly what we set out to do!


Our Top 5 Posts for 2014

Open House Q & A

The questions every serious buyer needs to ask at the Open House.

 NYC for under $1,900 a month

Yes, it’s possible to rent in New York City for less than a fortune.

 5 things Homebuyers Hate

Avoid the mistakes that will drive potential buyers away.

 Beauty and the Broker

Interview with model-turned-real-estate-broker Trish Goff.

 Design Digs

Design advice from LA-based interior designer Lindsay Pennington.


See what we mean? Our top five cover a healthy range of topics, don’t they?

(Yes, that was the sound of us giving ourselves a little pat on the back.)

If you see any posts on that list that you haven’t read, check them out. And while you’re at it, browse the other 124 posts. Hang out as long as you need. We’ll be here.

Plan to see a whole lot more of everything useful, relevant, and fun, in the coming year!


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