Courtney Klein

On her morning serenity, San Francisco and snow cones.

Sometimes the thing we most resist can turn out to be the best thing for us.  Just ask Courtney Klein, founder of Storq, a line of elegant and fashionable basics for mom-to-be.  A couple of years ago, she was content to maintain her chic, frenzied New York life and had no intention of leaving.  But when love-circumstances landed her in San Francisco, the former digital media producer found enough quiet space to reflect on what she really wanted out of life.  And stylish, pregnant women everywhere are rejoicing.  (Take a peek at the Storq site, and you’ll see what we mean. Be warned: The images will make you want to be pregnant.)


Courtney Klein at home

Even in the midst of brand new motherhood (her daughter was born in June) and running a business, Courtney took the time to chat with us about her new life in San Francisco’s Mission District (“The Mission”) and what she loves most about her home.  We’re pretty sure that one of her cherished objects will make you wish you were her neighbor.

The move gave me the space to really consider what I wanted to be doing with my time, and that led me to Storq.

 Girls’ Guide to Real Estate: How did you land in San Francisco?

Courtney Klein: Dragged kicking and screaming by my wanderlust husband! After a decade in New York, he was eager for a new adventure and wanted to give the west coast a try.

GG: Ok, New York and San Francisco. Give us three words that sum up each city.

CK: New York: Timeless, Frenzied, Chic. San Francisco: Relaxed, Eclectic, Hilly.

GG: What makes San Francisco the ideal location for Storq headquarters?

CK: I think if I had stayed in New York it’s likely that I wouldn’t have started Storq. So as reluctant as I was to initially head west, the move gave me the space to really consider what I wanted to be doing with my time, and that led me to Storq. Day to day, San Francisco is convenient to our factory in Los Angeles and I feel like the vibe of the city is more conducive to a better work life balance.

GG: What are your favorite San Francisco neighborhoods?

CK: The Mission for its great weather and equally amazing food. Hayes Valley for its shopping. The Presidio for its beauty. And Bernal Heights for its dog park.

GG: Let’s talk about your new home. Describe it in three words.

CK: Italinate, Minimal, Airy.

GG: Which room of your home inspires your best self?

CK: It’d have to be a tie between the garden and the kitchen. The garden is so serene that starting my mornings out there just puts me in a good mood. And then I love to cook so the kitchen gives me the space to really enjoy myself and even show off a little bit.

GG: What is your idea of an unappealing living space?

CK: Clutter! It makes my skin crawl.

GG: What are two objects in your living space that you most cherish?

CK: My Japanese shaved iced machine and my redwood dining table.

Snow cones are one of my very favorite things and so my husband had this shaved ice machine imported for my birthday last year. Since then, we’ve thrown a bunch of snow cone parties on our block, which has been a fun way to meet our neighbors.

I cherish our redwood dining table because of all the memories of the great dinners we’ve had at it. Most recently, our family and close friends came for a big dinner to welcome our daughter home from the hospital.

GG: Let’s say sometime in the future you live half way around the world from San Francisco. What three things will you fly back for?

CK: So hard to pick three! I’ll go with oysters at Hog Island Oyster in the Ferry Building, crispy tacos at La Tacqueria, and camping at Kirby Cove in Marin.

GG: What uncharted territory do you see yourself venturing into in the next ten years?

CK: I just had my first baby so parenthood is definitely the unchartered territory that’s top of mind at the moment! That said, I’m hoping that there will be all sorts of adventures to follow this one.

Photo credit: annstreetstudio

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