Buying by the book

Buying by The Book

Sometimes the best advice comes from your bookshelf

Buying a home is both a financial and emotional investment.  Whether it’s your first home or your third, there’s always something new to learn about the home-buying process. If you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably asked advice from your girlfriends, your realtor, and the ever-popular Google. But have you thought about books? There’s a treasure trove of information in between those dust jackets. Its valuable information you can pass on to others or keep on your bookshelf to refer to throughout your lifetime. Here are 5 of our favorite books that can help you become a smarter investor, buyer, and seller:

100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask: With Answers from Top Brokers from Around the Country
by Ilyce R. Glink

This book raises questions you may not have thought to ask and covers all the current trends homebuyers need to stay on top, including:

  • The new construction housing boom and how home buyers can make the most of it
  • Mortgage lending innovations, such as interest-only financing and the ability to finance 103 percent of the purchase price
  • The changing habits of first-time home buyers (purchasing without a broker, using discount Internet-based services, and buying first homes as investments)
  • The latest information on asbestos, mold, radon, and other bio-environmental hazards and new, inexpensive testing methods any home buyer can us.

Real Estate Investing for Dummies
By Eric Tyson and Robert Griswold

Graphics, articles, and examples in easy-to-understand prose set this book apart. It also includes:

  • Tips for buying and improving properties
  • Proven methods for boosting a property’s return and value
  • The opportunities of the market downturn
  • Expanded coverage on foreclosures, short sales, and REOs
  • The latest on buying fixer-uppers and flipping
  • New details on buying hotel condos and timeshares
  • Changes in the tax laws
  • Finding properties online

Buying a Home: Don’t Let Them Make a Monkey Out of You!
By Alysse Musgrave

Before you sign on the dotted lines, learn how to buy a house without getting ripped off. The author is the owner of one of the country’s oldest and most successful Exclusive Buyer Agencies. She teaches lessons that cover everything from A to Z, including:

  • How to analyze floor plans
  • The trick to buying a home with great resale potential
  • The truth about real estate agents
  • How to fire your agent
  • All about FSBO’s, foreclosures, new construction and MLS listed homes
  • What to look for when touring homes
  • The four most common negotiating strategies sellers use when responding to buyer offers
  • The one thing more important to a seller than price
  • How to write an offer that protects you
  • What repairs to request from the seller

How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Real Estate Market: A 30-day Plan for Motivated Sellers
By: William Bronchick and Ray Cooper

No matter how bad the market is, stop fretting and read this book. It contains strategies and techniques that even many real estate agents have never even heard of – with proven results. To get the best possible price fast, learn how to:

  • Develop a customized plan for action
  • Be aggressive and market your home to potential buyers
  • Set the perfect price for a quick sale
  • Prepare your house and make a killer first impression
  • Use owner financing as your secret weapon
  • Negotiate terms that help everyone win
  • Use the “round robin” auction method

Conquer Your Closing: Insider Secrets for Today’s Savvy Homebuyer
By Karen Simpson-Hankins

This book helps you navigate a complex process and save time, money, and stress when shopping and closing on your home loan, helping you save possibly thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your loan.

Author Karen Simpson-Hankins is the “go-to mortgage and real estate expert” and a 37-year veteran of the mortgage industry, author, coach and speaker.

She is undeniably a consumer’s trusted advocate in home finance, sharing advice on important steps like:

  • Understanding and  improving your credit score
  • How to interview prospective lenders
  • How to properly compare home loans (and not just the interest rate)
  • Finding the lowest rate and
  • Getting the loan that is the best fit for you.

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