Simple Upgrades

Revamp Your Home's Style in 5 Easy Steps

The master bedroom suite features a large sitting area, the kitchen has a walk-in pantry. The yard backs up to conservation, the dining room features tray ceilings. But, the house looks and feels so dingy, it’s nearly impossible for the average person to see the hidden treasure.  Often times, these incredible finds simply need a little elbow grease and TLC to bring them up to date and reveal the sparkling gem inside.  If you can see the potential and understand that the costs can be as minimal or extensive as your budget allows, these homes can be quite a great buy.  Consider whether or not this list of changes would restore  the home to its original glory.

1) Fresh coat of either a bright or neutral paint color.  A fresh coat of paint does wonders.  Choose a paint color that speaks to you and makes it feel like home.  Depending on your personality, it can be bright rooms or accent walls, or a subtle color that complements the backdrop to your overall color scheme.

2) Replace thin doors and baseboard molding with taller and beefier ones.  Add architectural interest and detail with moldings that make a grand statement.  They can be found in traditional styles with intricate detail or contemporary styles featuring large, yet simple lines.  Installing wainscoting, crown molding, or picture boxes along an elongated wall further adds character to any home.

3) Replace gold toned hardware with brushed chrome or stainless steel.  Nothing says outdated like  bright metal  that screams 1980s.  Changing out the hardware can be inexpensive and relatively simple.  Start with changing out the ones in the closets until you get the hang of it and then move on to other major rooms in the home.

4) Replace dated light fixtures with contemporary options.  The same sentiment as old metal tones applies to light fixtures from another time.  If you change them yourself, make sure to turn off the power.  Many hardware stores and local lighting stores carry a great selection of light fixtures for under $200.

5) Paint oak wood cabinets white or have more fun with it and go for a bold color. Another simple way to update kitchen cabinets is to change the hardware and paint the surface. Try a distressed look for shabby chic décor

These simple and relatively inexpensive steps can bring out the diamond in any coal mine.


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Comments (2)

  1. Demittajo

    I love your fresh ideas and I look forward to trying each one out. Can’t wait to go shopping for the fixtures lighting and paint.

  2. Dr. Venus Opal Reese

    This is a very useful article. I can easily see how just doing one of these 5 would make my home feel new to me again. I have owned my home for 10 years and haven’t changed one fixture! Thank you for the doable and affordable strategies

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